Useful and great plugins for everyone and for free!

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Long experience in programming and a lot of knowledge about Minecraft make the performance of the plugin perfect.


All current and future plugins will and will remain free! The download is also forever guaranteed to always be available.

Easy to Use

Download the plugin, then upload it to the server and start the server. Already done! Everything super easy and fast.



Play Minecraft in the new versions without the annoying PVP Cooldown



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Coming soon ...

Coming soon ...

Clean Code

All written plugins are always written cleanly and clearly arranged! Adjustments, extensions or updates can be made at any time and without long searches. In addition, unnecessary memory is saved and computing power is saved by unclean or not useful queries and tasks. So the best performance is always guaranteed without any loss!

Easy to Use & Customize

All plugins are super easy to use and the installation is done within seconds! In addition, each plugin contains a very large Config, where every single detail can be customized.


There are updates everywhere... So also with the plugins! Be it an adaptation to a new Minecraft version, bug fixes or just new features of a plugin. There will always be updates, so that all plugins work optimally and without errors.